DVD Copier

DVD Copier is a program for Windows that allows you to grab data DVDs, HD DVDs, Video DVDs and Blu-ray disks (ISO) containing any type of files into ablank DVDV disc or to an Image file (like ISO format).
:: Features:-
  Friendly interface allows to perform the following operations:
  1. Grab any type of DVD.
  2. SPTI (SCSI Pass through Interface) and ASPI (Advanced SCSI Programming Interface) device access are supported which allows grabbing on all versions of Windows.
  3. Copy DVD directly to another blank DVD.
  4. Copy DVD to an image file in your local drive.
  5. Burn DVD image file from your local hard drive to a blank DVD.
  6. Erase Erasable DVD discs in Full and Quick modes.
  7. Fully ISO compliant data DVDs, HD DVDs and Blu-ray disks with Joliet extension.
:: Screen Shots:-